Description of the building

Technical description

The heart of the office complex is the unique glass top business gallery situated between the office sections at the 3rd floor level. Courtyards with varied landscaping established between the office sections add cosiness to the gallery. The author of the interior finishing of the general areas of the office complex is world-famous London architectural bureau Chapman Taylor. Porto Franco offices have large windows, excellent views and planning that allows flexible solutions. The offices have class A indoor climate. All office sections are connected comfortably and intuitively at both the street level and with the underground car park which makes the use of office sections comfortable for the employees as well as for the guests. For the employees of the offices, a bicycle park together with washing facilities will be established in the building. Porto Franco offices are located at the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor of the building.

Porto Franco applies for the LEED Gold certificate for energy-efficient building, which recognizes buildings that are designed, built and used in accordance with the principles of environmental sustainability and sustainable development.

  • Entrances

    The office complex is accessible from all sides. In addition to the office entrances at the ground level, lifts will take the employees and guests directly to the offices also from the underground car park. The staircase and lift halls direct employees and visitors to the business gallery at the 3rd floor level.

  • Internal hallways of the office complex

    The hallways of the office sections have the same colour scheme as the staircase and lift halls. The comprehensive interior design solution facilitates the orientation of employees and guests in different office sections.

  • Gallery street

    There is a glass top business gallery at the 3rd floor level. All six office sections are connected with the business gallery. The gallery hosts the service premises that offer everyday services for the offices, a bistro and a café-lounge.

  • Lift and staircase halls, reception areas

    There are high lift and staircase halls and reception areas between the office sections. In order to distinguish between the six office sections and movement within them, all six lift and staircase halls have a different colour scheme — red, blue, green, golden, brown and white.

  • Courtyards of office sections

    The container-landscaped outdoor recreation areas intended for relaxation, meetings and receptions are located at the 3rd floor level which connects all the different office sections.

  • Toilets of office sections

    Each floor of every office section is equipped with blocks of toilets finished with high quality finishing materials. Toilets are accessible only by the employees of this particular section and this particular floor. There is also an accessible toilet in each office section.