Commercial and service premises

Commercial premises of
Porto Franco

  • Commercial and service premises

    The visitors of the centre can choose between the average priced and more expensive mono- and multibrand concept stores. Additionally, the centre hosts smaller boutiques, designer showrooms, the largest hypermarket in the city centre, service premises, 20 different dining spots and several international anchor tenants.

  • Shopping street

    Poordi Street is the widest pedestrian-only street in Tallinn, which is lined with boutiques, designer showrooms, international brands, cafés, service premises and restaurants.

  • Indoor streets of the centre

    Indoor streets pass through the first two floors of the centre, holding different shops and businesses. Have a great time shopping or walking along the indoor streets or take a break in the cosy cafés.

Opportunities for the visitors of
the shopping centre

  • Dining

    In the business centre, one can enjoy a variable food culture from different locations all over the world. You can choose between 21 different dining places. Restaurants which extend through two floors have magnificent views over the Old City Marina. The dining places are open until midnight and even later on weekends.

  • Entertainment options

    The visitors of the shopping centre can enjoy different events taking place in the general areas and courtyards of the centre, spend time with their family and friends, enjoy the versatile food culture, purchase goods from brand stores or just enjoy the milieu of the centre and its surroundings.

  • Sports club

    There is a contemporary sports club in Porto Franco, where the guests can use group training studios equipped with high quality furnishings, a spacious and light cardio and weight equipment area, and professional trainers for both group and private trainings.

  • Car park

    The visitors of the shopping centre do not have to worry about parking because Porto Franco hosts the best car park in Tallinn — the three underground storeys of the car park hold a total of 1,170 vehicles and the first hour of parking is free of charge.

  • Car wash

    To ensure the maximum satisfaction for the customers of the centre, the customers can leave their vehicle to the car wash in the underground car park and pick up their clean car right after they are done shopping. The car wash is located on the –1st floor of the car park.

  • Charging of electric cars

    In the contemporary fast-paced world where the share of electric vehicles in the state’s fleet is constantly increasing, innovations have to be introduced even in the most traditional areas. For this reason, we have established charging stations for electric cars on every floor of the car park.

  • Bicycle park

    Bicycle parks are located near the entrances on Poordi Street.

Opportunities for the tenants of
the shopping centre

  • Commercial premises

    The first two floors of the centre hold fashion, beauty, accessories and shoe shops with average, higher than average and premium class price range and mono- or multibrand concepts, designer showrooms and other businesses. The visitors of the future shopping centre highly value the new international brands on the retail market and we are certain that we can find suitable rental premises for exquisite and interesting brands.

  • Dining

    The area of Porto Franco across the Admiralty basin holds restaurants which extend through two floors and have excellent views over the Old City Marina. On the 1st and 2nd floor, in the 3rd floor business gallery and in the courtyards between the buildings, there are places for small diners, restaurants and cosy cafés with new and interesting concepts to complete the combination of the tastes of Porto Franco.

  • Service premises

    There is a glass top gallery at the 3rd floor level, connecting the office premises located in six different office sections. The business gallery also has the conference centre, a business lounge and service premises that offer everyday services for the offices. We welcome different companies that offer beauty and spa services, tourism and office services and other services that are daily needed for the offices, their employees and the everyday guests of the centre.