Markit, a leading global company in providing IT product purchasing solutions, is moving to Porto Franco

Porto Franco and Markit Holding AS signed an agreement for the new office of the IT company Markit to be located in Porto Franco. It will be opened in the autumn of 2020, when the construction of the centre is completed. Markit moves to Porto Franco to an area of 850 m2 which has magnificent view of the sea.

Andres Agasild, the CEO of Markit Holding AS, said that the intention of globally grown Markit as a company is to maintain and develop its global headquarters in Estonia. In last ten years, Markit has grown beyond Estonia, becoming a global company and operating in all major regions of the world with many companies from Fortune 500 and Forbes Global lists already customers of their innovative online services. ‘Despite the fact that the size of the world has a new meaning for us now, as we operate in 33 countries and have offices in 17 different locations of the world, Tallinn is still our home. In the foreseeable future, we see the head office and the most important centre of Markit being in Tallinn.’

The choice of the new headquarters was determined by the integrity of Porto Franco as a real estate development as well as its location. ‘In many respects, Tallinn is a very small city, but it is also a great opportunity – you can be in the centre of everything, on the edge of the Old Town, close to the sea, and have good connections at the same time! 70% of our employees are located outside Estonia, but visit Tallinn regularly. I am convinced that the new office will offer the best working environment for our local and international team for the next ten years.’

‘It is important for us to have people and activities in the centre throughout the day: trade business is active during the second half of the day and on weekends, while office spaces are occupied on business days. Porto Franco will be attractive to those who need to come to work here, as well as to the habitants and guests of the city who want to come and spend their free time either shopping, dining, or just walking by the sea,’ said Rauno Teder, chairman of the management board of Porto Franco.

Markit is an online IT purchasing solution for companies that was born in Estonia. Today, Markit works in 33 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. Markit integrates more than 250 major IT distributors into one online service used by international companies to organise and centralise IT purchasing in a transparent way. The company had a turnover of 112 million euros in 2018 and it employs 125 people. There are many large international organisations using Markit, such as Danfoss, Michelin, Western Union, SEB, Johnson&Johnson, Siemens, Deloitte, ABB, Spotify, UPM, Innovasjon Norge, Tallink, Transferwise etc.

Markit office today, which was the nominee of the best office interior in the annual award of the Estonian Interior Architects Association in 2009. The interior architecture of the Porto Franco Markit office is created by KAMP Architects.