OÜ Reds concluded a cooperation agreement with Porto Franco with in order to develop and operate an extensive children’s play zone concept in the centre.

Under the agreement Reds, which operates the children’s playground Lennumaa in the Ülemiste Centre, the playground Reds in the Eeden centre in Tartu, and the children’s playground Marakratt in the Kvartal centre in Tartu, will create a children’s play zone with an updated concept; the play zone of ca 1,500m2 will be located on the -2 floor of the centre right next to the Prisma hypermarket.

The Porto Franco play zone concept will include a children’s café, a toy store, a day care centre, birthday venues and a large children’s playground area. The children’s café will be serving confectionery, soft drinks and light café meals specifically designed for children. The playgrounds of the play zone will feature climbing racks, slides, a toddler zone, trampolines, a Lego corner, a kinetic sand table, push cars, and interactive game areas. The concept also includes a day care centre for children of employees of the Porto Franco shopping and office centres, as well as birthday venues for holding children’s events.

According to the creators of the children’s play zone, their objective is to build an exciting in-door playing centre, something which Tallinn today lacks. The play zone’s leitmotif is a magic world and a magic forest where the main characters – a sister and a brother – go off for an adventure. The children’s play zone will be happy and bright, always filled with excitement and joys of discovery. The play zone is intended for children of 0 to 12 years of age, and to their parents or minders.