Estonia’s record volume of concrete was poured at the construction site of Porto Franco in one 24-hour period of time.

The most extensive concrete pouring operations in Estonia took place at the site of Porto Franco, the most seaside located commercial and leisure centre in Tallinn: during an uninterrupted cycle a total of 2,200 cubic metres or ca 315 truck-loads of concrete was poured from the evening of Thursday, 26 July, till midday of Friday, 27 July. With this cycle the construction of Porto Franco, which thus far had taken place underground, reached the ground level. Concreting works of the Porto Franco project are carried out by AS Kontek Int and NOBE.

‘We have reached a significant phase in the construction: after today’s major concrete pouring operations we have emerged from the excavation pit, i.e. the three underground floors, and soon everything taking place at the site will be increasingly more visible from behind the fence to passers-by,’ said Rauno Teder, the Chair of the Management Board of Porto Franco. ‘Today a record amount of concrete in Estonia – a total of 2,200 cubic metres – was poured at the construction site. This is an extremely large volume that was produced by three concrete production plant in Tallinn simultaneously. In the course of the operations four prestressed concrete beams of nearly 100 metres were cast at the site, along with a large portion of the inserted ceiling of the above-ground floor of the Porto Franco I building.’

‘AS Kontek has been working in the concreting business for 27 years, but the concrete pouring operations at the Porto Franco site represent an exceptional venture in our history, particularly in terms of volume,’ said Mart Urbas, a member of the Management Board of AS Kontek Int. ‘The need for such extraordinary volume of concreting work is connected with the post-tensioned concrete beams with the length of over 100 m and the cross-section of 1.5 x 1.5 m, holding a total of 18,500 m of tendons, which need to be covered in a single pour cycle. Preparations for such pouring operations, which lasted nearly 24 hours, have taken a total of six weeks.’


A record of concrete casting was carried out by a significant number of workers

Record concrete casting on Porto Franco construction